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System Leaks Due to the Cold Weather

We are asking everyone to help us identify any system leaks that may have started  during the extremely cold weather over the last few days.  If you see a wet spot or puddle on the roads or alongside the roads that doesn't dry up after a few days of warm and dry weather, please call the business office during regular hours at (972) 382-2445 or the emergency line at (903-744-2599) after hours to report the potential leak.   Please inspect your own property for potential leaks as well so that you can make arrangements for repairs as soon as possible to avoid an extremely expensive water bill.  Remember that you are responsible for all leaks on your property starting at your water meter and that you are required to pay for all water usage even if you have a leak and your bill becomes much higher than normal.  We appreciate everyone's help conserving our water resources and keeping operational costs low.