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If you received a larger bill than normal this month - Don't panic

Many of you may have just received a bill that was significantly higher than what you are used to seeing.  Don't panic - the software that our customer service group uses for billing had a glitch in it and incorrectly tallied usage from December through January to calculate your current bill.  This incorrect information was uploaded to the PayClix system that handles our credit card payment processing.   The error was detected and corrected the same day and the correct data was then sent out.  You may have received two email notices with the first being a significantly higher charge than the second.   The second bill should be the correct one.   If you paid the first bill already you will receive the over payment amount as a credit against your next month's bill.   

We apologize for the error and any inconvenience it may have caused.  The software used to process payments is widely in use by small water companies like ours across the country.  The software vendor has corrected the issue and we shouldn't see this happen again.  

If you have questions or concerns about your bill, please call our customer service at 903-429-3008.  Many of you may have already received a call from our customer service office explaining what happened.

We hope to minimize these types of issues going forward as we grow.  We do appreciate all the positive feedback and support that we are receiving from our Members as we evolve Weston Water Supply to meet the needs of our growing community.