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Drought Alert!

Please start controllilng and reducing your water usage immediately.   With the ongoing dry spell and heat, our system has had a dramatic increase in water consumption.   This places emense pressure on the equipment to maintain adequate levels and pressures.  One of our two well pumps is currently out of service for repair - we are trying to get it back on line as quick as possible.  We need all members to take steps to reduce their water consuption to minimum levels.  Please reduce watering your lawn and gardens to short periods and reduce the number of days per week.   We know many of you are trying to keep new sod alive, but please reduce your watering to the absolute minimum.  Try to conserve water usage in showering, baths, toilets, laundry, swimming pools, and other house usage as much as possible.  Repair any leaks or drips you may have outside or inside your home.  Report any system leaks that you spot immediately by calling 903-744-2599.  Please continue to make sure that your animals recieve adequate water, especially if they are always out in the heat.   With any luck we will get some substantial rain soon and the 100 degree temperatures will be gone and we can return to normal.   Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.  Please help us before we have to move to mandatory rationing.