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Letter to our Members

Dear Weston Water Members:
As of July 1st a new service provider GTUA is on board to handle our operations and billing. Please be aware that as we go through our transition period over the next couple of months we will most likely go through some billing issues (timing and amounts). Meter reads are typically done 3-4 days prior to billing which is usually completed about the 15th. Due to the transition billing was not completed til the 21st of July so many of you will be receiving bills soon. (if you have not already signed up for auto pay).
Some folks have received what appear to be outlier readings. Be aware of your own situation and the amount of water you may be using. Especially if you are using irrigation routinely for new or established sod. Note if you are refilling swimming pools regularly. Always be alert and repair leaks on your side of the meter box and report any potential leaks otherwise to the office.
Meters are typically not the issue and are reliable when read by reliable operators. We are looking into some past histories on selected accounts and plan a re-read on over 30 meters this Monday July 24th. If you believe you have an exceptionally inacurate bill, please inform the WWSC office at 972 382 2445 or email us at westonwater@gmail.com. If you have made contact with the office, please wait for further instruction before remittance if told to do so. Due to the late billing and transitioning period; all late fees will be waived this cycle.
Please be patient during this transition and to avoid any misinformation direct your inquiries to the WWSC office.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Kevin Thomson
Board Membe