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News Update on recent water pressure issues

Dear members, 
As we are all painfully aware, there have been several recent events that have resulted in low or no water pressure. These events are due to intermittent failures of the sensors, relays, and radio equipment that signal the booster pumps to start automatically. The intermittent nature of these failures made it difficult to know that our actions did not fully resolve the problem. As of 12:00 today, temporary repairs have been completed by the vendor responsible for the instrumentation.  We are confident that these repairs will hold until the hardware can be upgraded. The boil water notice will be in effect until the latest water samples can be analyzed. We expect this to take until Wednesday Aug 2.  Additionally, we are on the verge of drought conditions. Even with a normally operating system, it is difficult to keep the tower full during periods of heavy water usage. WWSC asks that you help us prevent mandated water restrictions by limiting outdoor watering for the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your consideration.