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Customer Service Inspections

Dear Members, Developers and new homeowners,

As of December 1st 2023, WWSC will require customer service inspections (CSI) for all newly constructed connections to the system, by qualified personnel before continuous water service is provided (see Standard Operating Procedure ref.). This is regulated by Texas law and is in place to ensure that water remains safe to drink within the system.

In addition all homes that support an aerobic septic system or irrigation or any other device that requires and "rpz" or a backflow preventer must show annual proof on file with the WWSC that an inspection has been completed and passed. This form must be completed by a registered backflow prevention specialist. This can be of the owners choosing and many are located in the surrounding area. Please review Customer Service Inspection.pdf.  If you are in need of a specialist contact the WWSC office for a referral. 

Thank you for your attention to these matters as we all wish to keep our water supply safe and clean.

Kevin Thomson 
WWSC Board member